Samsun Teleferik

Samsun Teleferik

Opened in 2005, Samsun Teleferik consists of two air lift runs linking Samsun to the hilltop of Amisos. The line is approximately 320 meters long, extending from Battibark on the Black Sea shore to the archaeological hillsides of Atatürk Street. Amesos Hill features an antique museum and various facilities. Due to the high reception of the Samsun cable car, the number of vehicles has been increased to 60, each accommodating up to six people. The cable cars are considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey in the Turkish north, and the flights were organized to launch two groups of three vehicles every hour.

Activities you can do at the  Samsun Teleferik

• you and your family can start walking around the Park of Batipark, enjoying its picturesque nature, many attractions and its distinctive beachfront views.

• enjoy a tour of the park in one of its horse-drawn carriage so that you can reach the location of the gates of the cable cars.

• then enjoy a ride on a cable car, and don't forget to take many panoramic pictures of Samson, a jewel in northern Turkey.

• for a moment when you arrive at the top of Amesos Hill, you must walk around to learn about its features and effects, and take pictures of its unique nature.

• don’t forget to take a lot of sunsets in attractive colors during a return trip from the top of Amesos hill to the Park of Batipark.

• then you can have a delicious meal, either a view of the beautiful park, or in one of the restaurants near the cable cars overlooking the sea.