Museum of Archaeology & Ethnography

Museum of Archaeology & Ethnography

The Museum of Archeology & Ethnography, opened in Samson in 1981, is one of Turkey's most important tourist destinations. The museum consists of three halls, one of which is a main one showing many artifacts, the most prominent of which is a mosaic of the 3m century.

The most famous pieces of the museum are those found within the excavations of 1995 in the city, which together constitute the Amesos Treasury. Some rooms have been dedicated to display the ethnic pieces that tell the story of ancient peoples' customs and traditions such as textiles, clothing and household appliances.

Activities you can do at Samson's Archeology and Ethnography Museum

• Start a stroll around the museum and around the park and take a few pictures of the monuments you see and of the black sculptures surrounding the gates.

• then start your tour inside the museum from the main hall, which houses many artifacts, most notably a 3-century mosaic.

• from the main hall you can head toward the room that houses the Amisos safe, and take some pictures of its attractive jewelry.

The exhibition includes sculptures and stone sculptures from different historical periods, discovered in the archeological excavations of Samson.

• visit the coin-piece hall, which includes pieces of gold, silver and bronze, as well as some stone and tin coins.

• and don't forget to visit the Ottoman hall, which houses many textiles, weapons, home ware, and colorful glass antiques.

The Byzantine and bronze eras are sure to be visited, and you can visit the Roman hall, which houses a few parts of bronze sculptures and statues.