Bird Paradise

Bird Paradise

The bird paradise of the Kizermack River Delta is Samsun's art city, with 40% of 1,100 species of birds in northern Turkey. Samson's bird paradise is one of the most beautiful destinations in natural Turkey, home to the highest rate of bird species in the south of the Black Sea basin.the place is known as a nature reserve that hosts millions of birds during their trips and migration during the seasons of the year, some of which are very rare. The site is home to some endangered species, only in which they are found, particularly the Tenga Flavebs, the infidious pseudo, and the black-neck siphon of thorns. The delta region is one of the most important areas of many rare pelvic plants and is characterized by its diverse nature among trees and lakes.

Activities you can do in a bird's paradise

• you and your family can start touring the area to enjoy its natural beauty, and learn about its many attractions, trees, plants and lakes.

•The reserve includes some bridges that pass over the river and the surrounding lakes, which you can use to take some Souvenir pictures of the place.

• The bird paradise also has a well-built tower worthy of your visit, which is used as a shelter for the birds that live in the place, and for the migratory birds that host it.

• See birds, ducks and geese near the lakes in the area, and don't forget to take pictures of rare species.

• you must enjoy the most beautiful bird paradise in sunset moments that give the scene charming colors worthy of photography.

• enjoy a local meal from the northern region of the country at one of the restaurants on site.