Family Accommodation

Family Accommodation

Family accommodation: A stay given to members of a family provided that a donor is present within the family. For those married to the most married, we regret to say that Turkish law allows only one wife, so that only one wife can be granted residence, and children can be granted residence to your children from both spouses. A person married to a Turkish woman could also have family residence for three years, even obtaining Turkish nationality by marriage after the third year.

Available in the person who is a family member in Turkey:

1. The total income of the person shall not be less than the limit Minimum wages in Turkey.

2. Provision of housing in accordance with the conditions of safety and public health in Turkey for the family of the applicant.

3. All members of the family must be covered by public health insurance.

4. Have not committed any crime or violation of the family system and laws in the last five years of the date of application.

5. If the applicant is a foreigner, he must be resident in Turkey for at least one year with a Turkish residence permit.

6. The applicant must have a registration in the address of the house; that is, the applicant is registered in the Turkish souls service and his address is registered for the duration of the family stay in Turkey.

Family accommodation in Turkey is given to the family of a family of a maximum of 3 years, renewable.