Student Residence Permit

Student Residence Permit

Student Residence Permit: Owner legally residing and granting the right to study in Turkey, the student's name and date of birth as well as gender (male / female) and nationality (country of residence have been) of such personal information and card holder is the ID card containing their personal photos.

Foreigners residing in Turkey a short-term residence (tourist residence) or a family that does not exceed eighteen years, be entitled to read without the student residence in Turkey and international schools in Turkey. When the student turns 18, the student's residence is required by law. It is also compulsory for foreigners who want to study at Turkish institutes and universities (postgraduate studies: bachelor's, master's, doctorate).

Student Residence Permit in Turkey gives you many advantages, such as:

1. Legal residence in Turkey for the duration of the study.

2. Freedom of movement within Turkey.

3. The ability to exit and return to Turkey without the need for a new visa.

4. The student has the right to receive a reduced transportation card which is valid for all public transport within the state in which he or she lives.

5. The holder of the residency card is also entitled to work in Turkey, but a work permit must be issued by the Ministry of Labor. If a student is in bachelor's degree, he or she can work after the first school year.