Work Permit

Work Permit

Work permit: It is a residence card issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, not by the Immigration Office. This has the benefit of an employer's residence and work permits to live in a profession in Turkey.

Getting a work permit guarantees the following benefits and rights:

1. protect your rights as an employee and health insurance of employees in Turkey and to ensure you get all the benefits such as social security

2. Receive free treatment at Turkish state hospitals at the state's expense.

3. Health and social security for you and your family

4. Turkey "retirement age" to get pension after the age of sixty

5. Possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship when the total working residence time reaches 5 years uninterruptedly

6.Children can study in Turkish schools for free

7.Easy to obtain an entry visa to visit other countries

8. If you want to get a work permit to establish a company outside of Turkey, where you live you can do so through the Turkish embassy in the country.